Making Waves Aquatics Club
Edmonton's Gay and Lesbian Aquatics Club
Join Us

If you are interested in joining us for swimming or water polo, all you need to do is show up at the pool! We have members of all skill levels.

We offer all new members two free practices, so that they have an idea of what our club is like. For swimming, we expect that new members are able to swim one length of the pool (25 m) without stopping.

All members are required to be registered with Swim Alberta, to cover liability insurance and to support Masters Swimming Canada.  We take care of this on your behalf once you join the club. 

2016-2017 Season Fees:

Making Waves Aquatics Club fee: $65

This is required for all members.  It covers registration with Swim Alberta or Alberta Water Polo Association or Alberta Diving, providing liability insurance, enabling participation in competitions, and supporting aquatic sports.


Swimming and Water Polo
  • Annual: $450
  • Fall: $210
  • Winter/Spring: $300
  • Monthly: $63
  • Annual: $285
  • Fall: $130
  • Winter/Spring: $185
  • Monthly: $40
Water Polo
  • Annual: $215
  • Fall: $100
  • Winter/Spring: $145
  • Monthly: $30
Drop in
  • 10 practices: $100
  • 5 practices: $60
  • 1 practice: $15 (Making Waves Aquatics Club membership not required)

For those who are able to consistently swim with us only one practice a week, we prorate the fee.

We do not deny anybody membership for financial reasons. Any member who is not able to pay the club fees should discuss the situation with the club treasurer.

Your First Practice:
New members should arrive early to complete registration. For swimming, new members will be asked about their ability so that they can be placed into the appropriate lane. Bring a swimming suit in good condition, a towel and a pair of swimming goggles to practice.

We welcome members of other IGLA-affiliated clubs to join us for swimming and water polo while they are in Edmonton. All they need is to bring proof of membership from their home club. The first week of practices for visitors are free, and after that we ask that they pay a prorated season fee of $5 a practice.

Refund Policy:
Drop in passes are non-refundable.
The Making Waves Aquatics Club fee is non-refundable.
Refunds on season passes will be given on a prorated basis, rounded up to the start of the month following a request.